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Welcome to the Caruthers Fair Online Registration.
On-line Registration will be open from August 19 - September 20, 2019
If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser, please use 9.0 or higher.
Before you begin the on-line entry process, print out a printer friendly version of these instructions (see icon at top right corner above this box).
1.) NOTE: ALL former exhibitors are required to register as a NEW exhibitor each year. Information from previous years has not been saved.
2.) Session will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity so you should “save the cart” if you plan on leaving the computer for more than 20 minutes
3.) After Log-in or register/log as an exhibitor, you will CREATE ENTRIES, selecting the Department you want to enter and follow prompts.
        • Bold fields are Required information fields.
        • Enter phone numbers as 10 digits without parenthesis or dashes, (i.e. 8582715400).  
        • Enter Dates as mm/dd/yyyy, (i.e. 09/15/1954).
        • Create a password using letters and/or numbers (Max 11 characters). Letters are case sensitive. (Hint: Keep it short and simple.)
4.) When you are done adding entries, you will need to CHECK OUT (bottom right button) in order to complete this process and submit entries to the fair.
**NEW FOR 2019**
In order to participate in a youth livestock program at any California Fair, all exhibitors must obtain annual certification in the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program or a comparable fair run program approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Fairs and Expositions Branch. Those not certified are not eligible to participate at a California Fair.